This year, the only hard part for you is ‘willpower’! We have amazed ourselves at the outstanding choice this Christmas.

Lets start with the individually portioned desserts that include the 14 piece ‘Red Velvet Cake’, ‘Chocolate Fudge Cake’, ‘Banoffee Pie’ & ‘New York Cheese Cake’.  The great thing here is that with them being individually portioned, there is no arguing over who’s got the bigger slice!

But lets not stop there..oh no, we have so many more for you to indulge the taste buds, like the ‘Luxury Raspberry & Pistachio Layered Pavlova’ or the classic twist on black forest gateau like the ‘Luxury Black Forest Gateau Layered Pavlova’.. And who could resist our ‘Melting Chocolate Snowflake’.

Now, Mince them or hate them, they are a must this Christmas. But if you have a guest that sits on the fence about Mince Pies, then why not get them to try our ‘Mince Pie Ice Cream Cones’ – that will convert them! You can thank us later!

So many desserts, so little room to fit them on this page, so to see these plus so many more desserts, pop down to your local Food Warehouse store.

‘The Food Warehouse – Making Christmas that little bit easier’.