On to the main event.  This Christmas be astounded by the choice we have on offer! Our incredible range will satisfy the biggest of appetites.. the only hard part, having a big enough table!

Impress your guests with a whole host of favourites from classic ‘Turkeys’ or our ‘succulent easy carve En Pappiotte Turkey Crown’ to ‘Pork Loin Joint’, or ‘Boneless Pork Shoulder’, Horseshoe Gammon’ or ‘Breaded Gammon Joint’. And not forgetting our ‘Aberdeen Angus Beef Joint’

Want more? You got it! We also have a ‘Luxury 3 Game Bird Roast’ and ‘Luxury Pheasant Roulade’ to name a few.

Everyone’s favourites, the sides.. From ‘Goose Fat Roast Potatoes’, Parsnips, Mixed Veg, Stuffing, Pigs in Blankets and of course our exclusive ‘Marmite Brussel Sprouts’, you wont be missing a thing at your Christmas table.

All in all, its just the oven that will be working hard this Christmas, not you! So pop down to your local Food Warehouse and be prepared to be amazed!

‘The Food Warehouse – Making Christmas that little bit easier’.